Past Life Regression Therapy

Do you wonder if you have had more than one life?
Have you been somewhere and know you know it and yet know you haven't been there before?
Have you met someone for the first time and felt like you know them?
Do you have any phobias or fixations on a particular period in history?
Past Life Regression will help you to access deep memories through deep relaxation and hypnosis, to give you proof that we have many lives, to help you to understand why you have fears or phobias, to explain those deja moments. It will help to heal all those events for you.

What is PLR?
Past Life regression Therapy (PLR) is a technique used to take a person back through time using hypnosis. It will take them so far back in time that memories of previous lifetimes are rediscovered and explored. This means that 'blocks' from a previous life that have been brought through to this life can be released which will then instigate a change in thought processes and behaviour, as well as making the client feel better in themselves.

Hypnosis in this sense is merely 'a focusing of the mind'. When used in PLR it is very similar to doing a deep guided meditation.

There is a vast amount of evidence to support reincarnation and past lives, and children, especially when they are very young, are able to readily recall past life memories. Investigation of historical records can then verify these memories.

Why Have a Regression?
Interest: You may be curious to know what past lives you have had. This interest may have been triggered by an event in your current life. Perhaps you have been somewhere in the world and found that it all feels very familiar and you are able to predict what is around the next corner. Maybe a sound has triggered off a past feeling, such as an old-fashioned plane flying overhead, or you have met someone whom you feel you have known all your life. You may have had a 'flashback' or an intense daydream which have given you feelings and an experience similar to déjà vu. You may have experienced a dream where you have found yourself in a past life situation and want to know more.

Historical Obsession: You may have a profound interest in one particular period in history. Often people with a historical obsession collect memorabilia for that era or belong to specialist groups connected with that era.

Irrational Fears and Phobias. Some people have irrational fears or phobias which appear to have no link to this life. They may have tried hypnosis but not found a traumatic event in this life which gives a rational explanation for their fear or phobia.

Unusual Physical Symptoms: Some people may suffer with chronic physical ailments which modern medicine cannot find an explanation for. For example a chronic pain in an area of the body which has no original cause. It may be that this is from an injury sustained in a previous life.

Difficulty losing Weight: Difficulty losing weight may have deep roots in another life. Being overweight is often a way of protecting yourself. On a physical level fat stores toxins that we ingest or take in through pollution so that it doesn't damage our bodies. On an emotional level excess weight is also there to protect us. It may be that you were starved to death or emotionally or physically abused or it may be due to a build-up of emotions from several different situations that need to be released in order for you to be able to lose weight. It may be necessary to consider having a mixture of Past Life regressions with Reiki treatments to assist the healing process. This is something we can discuss so that your treatment plan meets your needs.

Unsuccessful Healing from another modality: It may be that you have wanted to heal something and have tried other modalities without success, or with only partial success. These healing methods may be being blocked because the issue is a past life one.

Past Life Regression as a Healing Modality
Whilst a lot of people have a past life regression to confirm their curiosity about whether or not we experience other lives, it can in fact be used as a very useful healing modality.

I believe that we all bring a lot of negative emotions, thought and behaviour patterns through from our past lives and from experiencing them myself have been able to understand some of my behaviours and thought processes in this life as well as relationships I have had with some of the people that have crossed my path in this life.

As I now have the Advanced Diploma in Past Life Regression Therapy I am more able to facilitate deeper healing for those wishing to use PLR as a healing modality. The techniques involved are as follows:

Forgiveness is very powerful and once you have experienced a past life it may be that you need to forgive the people involved in a situation in that past life. Forgiveness doesn't mean that we condone what the other person has done but rather that we are willing to let go of all the negativity surrounding the incident that took place. There can be profound healing when forgiveness takes place.

Cutting cords:
We all put out energetic ties to other people and situations. These may ones of love or negative ones such as anger, resentment, or jealousy. These negative ties may affect the way that we respond to certain people or circumstances. This is because the similarities in the person or situation in our current life trigger a deep memory and a deep negative response to the person or situation we need to deal with. Cutting the energetic ties releases all the negativity around the past life person or situation and will therefore change the response to a similar situation or person in your current life as the triggers will have been removed.

Soul Retrieval:
It is possible for our soul to fragment in certain situations. This may be due to an injury of some kind which damages both the physical and energetic (known as the aura and is the electromagnetic field which completely surrounds us) bodies or it may be caused by a broken heart, or being torn away from a place you really loved or by separating yourself from a part of you which you consider to be bad due to past deeds. As a result of soul fragmentation they may respond to certain situations in a negative way. For example, the person may feel very drawn to a particular place and yet feel very uncomfortable whilst they are there, not understanding why they feel this way. They may push people away and not allow themselves to fall deeply in love for fear of losing the loved one and experiencing another 'broken heart.' These soul fragments may be retrieved through regression therapy. The process will help them to understand why their soul fragmented and the retrieval of it will enable them to change their behaviours and thought processes.

I believe that karma is simply a name for the challenges that we are given in each life so that we learn our lessons. If we do not learn our lessons in one life then we will have to repeat them in subsequent lives until we learn them. Understanding these lessons can be achieved through past life regression by taking some time to reflect on the life that has been visited whilst still in the deeply relaxed state.

Through regression you may find that several lives are linked where karma has yet to be resolved. Through understanding the links between lives you will then b able to change current behaviours so that lessons are learned.

It may also be achieved by going to the Life between Lives which is the state which is encountered after death has occurred in the past life and before the soul reincarnates. I always give my clients the option of whether or not they wish to do this as not everyone wants to experience their passing and what happens after they have passed.

Understanding the lessons that need to be learned means that you can look at your current life and change the way you respond to situations so that you learn the lessons you have come here to learn.

Life between Lives:
You may feel that you would like to encounter what happens when you pass over and certainly those clients of mine that have done this have realised that death is nothing to fear but is merely the next step in your journey. In the life between lives clients usually tell me that they see great beauty around them and have a feeling of complete peace and love surrounding them.

It is possible to experience the life review which is the opportunity for us to review the life we have just had (which always happens on our actual passing) enabling you to evaluate whether or not you have achieved your goals in that life.

You may also experience the life planning for the next life before returning into your next incarnation.

Recovering Imbalanced Energy:
There is an energy exchange between people on every interaction as we give out energy as well as receive it. When there is a highly charged emotional situation an imbalance of energy may occur. For example, where there is a big argument and one person wants power over the other, or where there is an abusive relationship. This energy can be retrieved through regressing to the time in the past life that it happened and by asking the other soul to return the energy.

It is also a useful technique to use in this life too where there has been the breakdown of a relationship but the person is unable to move on. The imbalance in energies is what is holding them back. Retrieving their energy can then empower them to move forward.

Future Choice:
Whilst this takes you into the future, it can be a very useful technique for helping a client to make a decision which may be life-changing and where there are so many pros and cons for each possibility that making a decision seems impossible. In this kind of situation it may be helpful to understand your previous lifetimes and how they have an influence over your future plans. It is then possible to do a symbolic journey into the future so that your subconscious can show you the right path to take by helping you to look at the possible outcomes for each decision that you might make.

Whatever your reasons for having a PLR I will discuss your requirements with you in confidence. We will need to complete a short form where you give your permission to be regressed. During the first Consultation we will do an initial induction (which is like doing a guided meditation) and return you from it. This is done without regressing you so that you become familiar with the process and feel safe to completely relax and allow your subconscious to come through. We will then do a second induction and take you into a past life, returning from this past life the same way you went into it. I will either take notes or record the session so that we can discuss and understand what happened in the past life, and how it is affecting this life. The need for further regressions will be agreed between us.

Where regression is being used to heal issues such as obesity, phobias or unexplained medical problems I will also discuss the possibility of integrating PLR with Reiki treatments. I have found that doing a PLR followed by a Reiki treatment on the next visit assists the healing process greatly.

What if I don't like what I see or feel?
During the initial induction you will be shown a safe place that you can take yourself to should you not wish to proceed with that particular past life event. You will always be safe and able to come out of the PLR if you feel the need. If you tell me that you are experiencing a traumatic event you will be given the choice as to whether you want to stay in it, float above it, so that you can watch from a distance, or come out of it completely.

How will PLR help me?
PLR will bring to the surface any repressed emotions from traumatic events which will be released. This may result in you experiencing strong emotions during the PLR. This is normal, and a sign that healing is taking place. A repressed emotion may be released over a period of time following the initial release. You will notice any symptoms you had prior to the regression improving. PLR may also provide you with an understanding of events happening in your current life and or relationships you have with certain people.

How many sessions of PLR will I need?
It may only take one session to resolve the issues for you, or it may take several sessions. Depending on the results of each regression we will decide together whether further PLR is required. We will also discuss whether to integrate PLR with Reiki in order to assist the healing process.

How much is a PLR session?
My fee is £40 an hour for PLR; each session lasts approximately 90 minutes, and so costs £60. Additional time required will be charged accordingly.

How do I arrange a PLR session with you?
To arrange a PLR appointment with me please email me at Alternatively, you can book a Skype session through my online shop.